June 21, 2024

Among the tools plumbers use to unclog a drain are drain snakes and power augers. They are all common household items that can be used to clear minor clogs. Professional plumbers, however, will use power augers. The tools plumbers use to unclog a drain include a power auger, drain snakes, and hydro-jetting equipment.

Hydro-jetting equipment

If your drains or sewer lines become clogged, they can result in contaminated water. Sometimes, these clogs are simply the result of a buildup of grease or tree roots, or they can be the result of more serious problems inside the pipes. In such a case, hydro-jetting equipment is a great solution for unclogging drains and sewer lines. A Plumbers Barossa use hydro-jetting equipment to unclog drains and pipes.

3 Drain Cleaner Tools Used By Plumbers to Eliminate Blockages | WM Henderson

The pressure of hydro-jetting equipment is very high, and a typical model can release up to 1,500 pounds of water per minute. Larger systems can release up to 40,000 pounds of pressure. Hydro-jetting nozzles are available in 1.5-inch, two-inch, four-inch, six-inch, and eight-inch diameters. Professional plumbers do not recommend hydro-jetting to unclog drains unless they’ve inspected them thoroughly with a small video camera. Damaged pipes may not be able to withstand the high-pressure water jets.

Hair snakes

A hair snake is one of the most common tools plumbers use to unclog drain pipes. These small tools are loaded with tiny barbs to cut through clogged pipes. Despite being inexpensive, you should never attempt to use one on your own. You may end up scratching the pipes, which will cost you a ton of money in repairs. Before attempting to use one yourself, though, be sure to learn the basics.

Before using a hair snake to unclog a drain, it’s best to move a bathtub or sink screen out of the way. Make sure to avoid running hot water as it can damage pipes. When inserting the snake, be careful not to push too hard into the drain, as this can damage it or the entrance. The handle and cable of the snake should be a suitable length for the size of the drain.

Power augers

When your sink or toilet is clogged, a plumber might use a power auger to clear it. These devices work by using different motions to break up the clog. A cable auger features a spaced coil at one end that pushes and pulls debris from the pipes. They also rotate, removing debris from the walls of the pipes. If you aren’t sure which drain auger to use, you can read about some basic safety guidelines for power augers.

A plumbing auger is the most common tool used by plumbers to unclog drains. It works by feeding a cable into the drain and twisting to break up the clog. You can purchase a hand crank or a cordless power auger. Drain snakes cost less than a service call. A powered drain snake will pay for itself after one use.

CO2 drain gun

Using a CO2 drain gun to unclog a drain is a quick and easy way to free a clogged pipe or sink. The device has a working pressure of 800 psi and a rubber tip. It is designed to function like a pressurized air burst cleaner. The CO2 cylinder should be screwed into the unit’s head and then hand tightened.

There are two types of CO2 drain guns: the syringe style and the plunger type. Using a CO2 syringe is safer than using a CO2 drain gun because the pressure chamber is sealed once the plunger pops out. This type of unclogging equipment should be used with caution in case of an overflowing drain. To keep the pressure chamber from overflowing, the gun is equipped with a safety mechanism.

Video inspection equipment

Plumbing technicians use video inspection equipment to diagnose clogged drains. The equipment consists of a small, hi-resolution video camera attached to a long fiber-optic cable that is fed into a sewer line or clean-out. The camera transmits images to a monitor, which plumbers can view during the inspection. They can also record their inspections for future reference.

Plumbing professionals use video inspection equipment to diagnose and treat clogged drains. Traditional cleaning methods can miss serious issues and require more advanced tools to fix them. Plumbing companies such as Warrior Plumbing & Heating often offer video inspections for free. If the video inspection is needed to determine if your pipes are clogged, the plumber should tell you in advance if it is an additional cost. Some clogs are the result of damaged pipes. Replacing the pipes may cost anywhere from $200 to several thousand dollars.

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